Maverick for Sale?


Will John McCain’s obvious and increasingly public lobbyist-insider-connections finish his maverick image? Or, can he work the political jujitsu and say that his maverick-ness is proven EXACTLY by his proximity to K Street lobbysists–he knows them, BUT, they don’t shape his policies.

This will all hinge on whether or not the press does their job. We need to see if and when lobbyists have actually shaped Mccain’s policies–his votes. The Times tried this back in February, but blew an interesting lobbying story by focusing on an unproven sexual intrigue between McCain and Vicki Iseman.

If the press cannot, or will not research the lobbyist-voting connection, then McCain the Maverick will survive. It won’t be near enough for Obama or the blogosphere to assert the connection between McCain and K Street.

Your move, press corps.


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